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This here is the bread and butter of the website. Interviews with real people about the jobs they’ve had, currently have, goals for the future, a day in the life, etc. If sports aren’t your thing but you need something to help pass the time during your commute or work, start here.

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Episode 001 – You Gotta Start Somewhere

Episode 002 – Military or Nah with Tyler Hansen

Episode 003 – Structure and Fitness with Matt Davidson

Episode 004 – The Importance of Networking with Sean Barakett

Episode 005 – Behind the Badge with Deputy Sheriff Tom Krause

Episode 006 – The Anti-Saul Goodman, Trial Lawyer J.P. Gilbert

Episode 007 – Weeding Through Life with Jeremy Marr

Episode 008 – A Jill of All Trades with Kara Adamo

Episode 009 – Sports Journalism with David Kenyon

Episode 010 – Purchasing Your Next Car with Patrick McLymont

Episode 011 – Veteran’s Day Special with Misty Kapke

Episode 012 – Get After It with Chris Hilbert

Episode 013 – Six Month Recap

Episode 014 – Robert Higginbotham

Episode 015 – 2 Year Anniversary Episode (Highly Recommend)