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The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 7 2017

*UPDATED 10/17/2017*

So….Let’s just forget last weekend’s picks didn’t happen.


Yeah I went 1-5 and I accept full responsibility for any money that you lost for following those picks.

Please be sure to send your reimbursements requests to my Twitter, Facebook, or with the subject line GIMME MY MONEY.

For those of you who could tell I was pretty faded while making those picks and decided to fade me on everything, you’re probably sitting fat and happy with roughly $5 extra in your bankroll that you could be using to fund your own Bovada account by clicking the link.

Or you could spend that 5 spot on a shot of well tequila when you see UF’s uniforms for Saturday.

Check these out:

That’s bad. Really bad. But not like losing to Miami at home after dominating the series the past 7 yrs. Right FSU fans?

Moving on be sure to peep the highlight video from last week then it’s on to my Week 7 picks.

Game Pick Result
#2 Clemson (-22.5) at Syracuse Syracuse +23 Syracuse 27 – 24
#12 Oklahoma (-7.5) vs Texas Texas +8 Oklahoma 29 – 24
#24 Texas Tech at West Virginia (-3.5) West Virginia -4 West Virginia 46 – 35
#25 Navy at Memphis (-3.5) Navy +4 Memphis 30 – 27
#17 Michigan (-7) at Indiana Michigan -7 Michigan 27 – 20
Texas A&M at Florida (-2.5) Texas A&M +3 Texas A&M 19 – 17
FSU (-7) at Duke Duke +8 FSU 17 – 10
#5 Washington (-18) at Arizona St Washington -18 Arizona St 13 – 7

Other Bets:

Event Risk Win Result
Georgia at Vanderbilt OVER 36*

Mississippi at Auburn

OVER 49*

$1.21 $0.97 Georgia 45 – 14

Auburn 44 – 23

Oklahoma vs Texas (+16)*

TCU (ML) at Kansas St

$1.96 $1.57 Oklahoma 29 – 24

TCU 26 – 6

*Denotes Teaser Bet

Week 7 Record: 6-1-1

Overall Record: 26-17-1

Starting Balance: $64.01

Ending Balance: $68.74


The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 6 2017

*UPDATED 10/11/17*

Guess who made some geetus last weekend?

*Points to self* This guy did and so did the rest of you who followed my picks.

Now I cant take the credit for all of my winnings because last week was a very good week for the public vs Vegas.

What’s that mean? It means that the majority of the favorites covered as they were expected to and even if you placed wagers purely on W/L records you had a nice chance of collecting some winnings.

Regardless, we’ll take any win we can get no matter what.

If you’re looking to get in on the action yourself be sure to click on this link HERE to set up your own Bovada account and make your Saturday’s more entertaining.

Game Pick Result
#17 Louisville (-3.5) at #24 NC State Louisville -3 NC State 39 – 25
LSU at #21 Florida (-3) Florida -3 LSU 17 – 16
#23 West Virginia at #8 TCU (-13) TCU -13 TCU 31 – 24
Michigan St at #7 Michigan (-11) Michigan St +11 Michigan St 14 – 10
#4 Penn St (-14.5) at Northwestern Northwestern +15 Penn St 31 – 7
#11 Washington St (-2.5) at Oregon Oregon +3 Washington St 33 – 10

Other Bets:

Event Risk Win Result
Georgia at Vanderbilt OVER 36*

Mississippi at Auburn

OVER 49*

$1.21 $0.97 Georgia 45 – 14

Auburn 44 – 23

Week 6 Record: 1 – 5 (GROSS)

Overall Record: 20 – 16

Starting Balance: $66.21

Ending Balance: $64.01


The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 5 2017

I hurt guys. Like deep in my heart for not going 6-0 last weekend.

Was I certain of every pick? Of course not.

But I wanted to do right by my bankroll and your faith in me when it comes to knowing College Football.

I hope for all things holy and Hugh Hefner’s ghost I bounce back in a strong way this week or next week’s episode may be me just crying into the microphone and slugging a bottle of Jameson (which I despise).

If you are one of remaining devout listeners who wants to develop a gambling problem or MAKE SOME MOTHERFUCKIN CHEDDAR for the holidays, click this link HERE to set up your own Bovada account and make Saturdays more interesting.

On to this week’s picks:

Game Pick Result
#5 USC (-3.5) at #16 Washington St Washington St +4 Washington St 30 -27
#7 Georgia (-7.5) at Tennessee Georgia -7 Georgia 41 – 0
#24 Mississippi St at #13 Auburn (-9.5) Mississippi St +10 Auburn 49 – 10
Memphis at UCF (-4) UCF – 4 UCF 40 – 13
#2 Clemson (-7) at #12 Virginia Tech Virginia Tech +8 Clemson 31 – 17
Texas (-6.5) at Iowa St Texas -6 Texas 17 – 7

Other Bets:

Event Risk Win Result
Texas (+2)* at Iowa State

UNDER 68.5*

$1.45 $1.26 Texas 17 – 7
Vanderbilt (+15)* at Florida

UNDER 46.5

$1.45 $1.26 Florida 38 – 24
North Carolina at Georgia Tech (-4)*

Syracuse (+20)* at NC State

$1.00 $0.95 Georgia Tech 33 – 7

NC State 33 – 25


Indiana (+25)* at Penn State

Ohio St at Rutgers (+35.5)*

$1.00 $0.87 Penn State 45 – 14

Ohio State 56 – 0


Memphis at UCF (+1)*

Oklahoma St at Texas Tech

OVER 78*

$1.00 $0.95 UCF  40 – 13

Oklahoma St 41 – 34



Georgia (ML) at Tennessee

Mississippi St at Auburn (ML)

$5.00 $3.52 Georgia 41 – 0

Auburn 49 – 10


Week 5 Record: 4-2

Overall Record: 19-11

Starting Balance: $61.45

Ending Balance: $66.21

The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 4 2017

*UPDATED 9/25/17*

Chain hang to my ding-a-lang.


That’s not how I wanted to start this off. Regardless, this weekend is crunch time due to me shitting the bed last weekend which I 100% attribute to Hurricane Irma preventing me from being able to sit and watch the games.

Superstitious? You bet.

Bat shit crazy? Likely.

However this weekend the road to redemption (and a 70% season win rate) is paved with tears of the public who are betting the favorites to cover against our people, THE UNDERDOGS.

For the majority of the games this weekend I’m going all in on the underdogs to cover these low spreads and bring me some cheddar.

If you’d like to get in on the UNDER action too, click the link here to set up your own Bovada account and start your slow descent into sports betting degenerate.

Game Pick Result
#16 TCU at #6 Oklahoma St (-14) TCU +14 TCU 44 – 31
#17 Missisippi St at #11 Georigia (-5) Mississippi St +5 Georgia 31 – 3
#20 Florida (-2) at Kentucky Florida -2 Florida 28 – 27
NC State at #12 FSU (-12) NC State +12 NC State 27 – 21
UCLA at Stanford (-7) Stanford -7 Stanford 58 – 34
#8 Michigan (-10) at Purdue Purdue +10 Michigan 28 – 10

^^^When I finally placed my bets, some lines had moved: UF -3 & NC State +13

Other Bets:

Event Risk Win Result
West Virginia (-21) at Kansas $1.00 $0.91 West Virginia 56 – 34
Old Dominion at Virginia Tech (-28) $1.00 $0.91 Virginia Tech 38 – 0
Oklahoma (-27)  at Baylor $1.00 $0.83 Oklahoma 49 – 41
West Virginia (-14)*

Virginia Teach (-21)*

Oklahoma (-20.5)*

$2.33 $3.03 West Virginia 56 – 34

Virginia Tech 38 – 0

Oklahoma 49 – 41

Boston College (+34) at Clemson $1.00 $0.91 Clemson 34 – 7
Utah at Arizona (+5.5) $1.00 $0.83 Utah 30 – 24
Florida at Kentucky (-6.5) Live Bet 4th Q $1.39 $1.39 Florida 28 -27
Falcons ML at Lions $1.03 $0.62 Falcons 30 – 26
Bucs ML at Vikings $1.00 $1.20 Vikings 34 – 17

*Denotes Teaser Bet*

Overall Record: 15-9

Week 4 Record: 3-3

Starting Balance: $65.33

Ending Balance: $61.45

The Regular Usual: College Football (No) Show – Week 3 2017

First off let me just say “Fuck Hurricane Irma”.

*UPDATED 9/19/2017*

Aside from millions of Floridians being left without power still to this day (9/14), this giant whore coming into town completely ruined my and your college football watching experience for Saturday afternoon if you lived in FL.

  • Notre Dame/Georgia
  • Clemson/Auburn
  • Oklahoma/Ohio State
  • Stanford/Southern California

All 4 of these games were supposed to air on ABC, FOX, CBS, etc. but instead of playing on the local stations, that attention seeking bitch completely dominated my TV and I was left catching updates via Twitter and the ESPN box score tracker. Some would even state that this is NOT ideal.

Bullshit aside though, until late yesterday evening I was one of the millions of people in FL left without power for over 100 hours and football was the least of my concerns. You forget how much you take electricity, hot water, ice, and even lighting for granted when you’re left without it.

If you were an optimist, you might say “Hey this is a good time to unplug, bond with your family, and discover what you can truly live without”…

If you were a person thinking this while the power was out, props to you. If you said this around me as I sweated while attempting to sleep through the constant sound of generators, you’d have a tender welt on your head where I bludgeoned with my no-service-having cell phone as you read this.


YOU THE REAL MVP(S) – Kevin Durant

Due to the late return of electricity at my home and now my work schedule of damage assessments with for the State, I decided to do a write up for this weeks episode given the time restraints.

As I type this Boise St/New Mexico St has already kicked off, the Texans have already allowed Deshaun Watson to be sacked, and Andy Dalton has probably thrown an INT.

Guess who went 5-0 last weekend?

Hopefully one of you readers/listeners because your boy went 3-2 and only added $3.34 to the bank roll. Is that good?

Well, it’s definitely not bad but not as good as Week 1.


  • #23 TCU (-3) at Arkansas: This game was evidence of the old school Gary Patterson. The innovative offense combined with an attacking defense. The Razorbacks simply could sustain drives and Austin Allen was tormented all afternoon by the Horned Frogs disguised blitzes completing less than 40% of his pass attempts.
    • TCU may be the best team in Texas and the 3rd best in the Big 12. Keep an eye on them.
    • Arkansas needs to improve on 3rd downs before SEC kicks into high gear if they want to make a bowl game
  • #13 Auburn at #3 Clemson (-5): Everyone wants to talk up Clemson’s stud ass D-Line but my game ball and credit goes to DC Brent Venables. He continues to adapt his players to frustrate opposing offenses week after week. Wanna grind it out like Alabama? Wanna run the super spread like Baylor? He has a plan for both and both involve sacking your QB. As for Auburn, Gus Malzahn better bring back Cam Newton if they want anything close to the offensive success they had during his tenure.
    • Clemson vs Louisville this weekend could decide the ACC Atlantic. A Clemson win could put them in prime position for a CFP run
    • Jarrett Stidham is not the 2nd coming of Tim Tebow. His Heisman hopes died with those 2 FG’s Auburn mustered
  • #5 Oklahoma at #2 Ohio St (-7): Where the fuck is the offense Urban Meyer? Did it vanish with Tom Herman leaving for Houston? This doesn’t fall squarely on JT Barrett. The Buckeyes offense is predictable and the secondary is suspect and Baker Mayfield proved that Indiana’s passing success wasn’t a fluke.
    • Baker Mayfield is the most dynamic QB in CFB not named Lamar Jackson. College Gameday is no doubt going to be at Bedlam this year
    • Ole Urban has 6 weeks to figure things out before Penn State comes calling
  • #15 Georgia at #24 Notre Dame (-4): While Jake Fromm didn’t make UGA fans completely forget about Jacob Eason, he was serviceable and rode his defense in a prime time road game with Touchdown Jesus watching. Notre Dame isn’t a bad team but they’re for sure not the team that ESPN sucked off all off season
    • Unless Kirby Smart wins 10 games this year or makes a NY6 bowl, Bulldogs fans will wish they kept Mark Richt
    • Brian Kelly is a child and the only coach in America who’s seat may be hotter is Kevin Sumlin.
  • #14 Stanford at #6 USC (-6): I hate that the USC hype train has caught my attention but, dammit if it isn’t fun watching them play. In a game where Stanford has dominated in recent years, the Trojans finally utilized their blue chip advantage and simply outclassed Stanford at every corner. Even with Sam Darnold throwing 2 INTs he hit 81% of his pass attempts. Fucking borderline surgical.
    • I’m buying my ticket now. USC will make the CFP
    • All hopes not lost for the Cardinal, win out and you’re in the NY6 no doubt. Lose to UCLA or Washington and say hello to the Sun Bowl

Alright for Week 3 I have five more games to pick and hopefully push that 69% (nice) win percentage in the 70’s.

#25 UCLA (-3) at Memphis

Why this game? Umm…because it’s a ranked team travelling across 2 time zones to play a Group 5 program and the ranked team is only a 3 pt favorite. To me that means Vegas is full chub on Memphis or has zero confidence in Josh Rosen after his comeback performance in Week 1. While there is a chance for a look-ahead with Stanford on deck next week, UCLA isn’t playing a Justin Fuentes coached Tigers team. With an extra week to prepare Memphis will likely keep it close at the half but expect the Bruins to run away in the 2nd half.

#23 Tennessee at #24 Florida (-5)

Everyone shits on the Gators for not having a QB, especially me but I can assure you I’d much rather have Jim McElwain run my program over Al Golden 2.0 AKA Butch Jones. Yes, Coach Mac have had some players in trouble but he’s not telling his fan base to be excited about his players being champions of life. UF hasn’t played in 2 weeks but with a rivalry game at home, you can expect the Gators to bring their best. Could the Volunteers come into Gainesville and pull off the upset? Absolutely. Somehow UT pulled out a lucky W last year in Knoxville. I think they have some pixie dust left over for this year.

#12 LSU (-7) at Mississippi St

SEC conference played has officially begun with the previous matchup and it continues here where both schools are finally done beating up scrubs. The biggest difference here in my mind comes to defense and it starts at the top with LSU DC Dave Aranda. He’s one of the top 5 highest paid coordinators in the country for a reason, he produces results. Add in the plethora of talent LSU has on hand and I don’t care who Miss St rolls out at QB, he’s going to be sore come Sunday morning. I almost forgot about Derrius Guice toting the rock for the Tigers. LSU shuts out the Bulldogs in Starkville.

#3 Clemson (-3) at #14 Louisville

I’d be lying if I didn’t say this wasn’t the hardest game for me to pick this week. Last season Clemson’s defense helped stave off some last minute heroics courtesy of Lamar Jackson at home and the Tigers went on to win the National Championship. Kelly Bryant is Deshaun Watson Lite and neither of them are Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson. We saw Clemson’s offense struggle a bit against a decent Auburn defense and Louisville doesn’t play SEC quality defense, they rather just outscore you. Everyone watched Louisville’s offense completely crumble at the end of last season when the “right” type of pressure overwhelmed UL’s offensive line. This is essentially a chess match between Bobby Petrino and Brent Venables. I hate picking a road favorite but I sincerely won’t be mad if the Tigers lose.

Texas at #4 USC (-15)

Let’s be real for a minute, both of these teams have storied histories and Heisman winners from both schools, yet neither have suffocating defenses that led the greats had. Points will be scored and in bunches here. I’ve already told you I’m all in on the Trojans making the Playoff but at the same time there’s something in the back of my head that says Tom Herman could pull off the upset and the “Texas is back” talk will resume again for a few weeks till they lose to some scab ass team they should crush. Clearly USC has the QB advantage but that might be it other than home field advantage in this late night game. Fifteen points is a lot but Stanford has a better defense than the Longhorns and they still lost by 18 in a rivalry game. This game is either a blowout or late game banana sandwiches with cocaine and the game of the week. I’m going with my gut over my brain.

Remember that if you wanna get in on the action yourself, be sure to set up a Bovada account.

Also any feedback, comments, question, concerns, or money can be sent to or to my Twitter.

Let’s get paid fuckos.

Game Pick Result
#25 UCLA (-3) at Memphis UCLA -3 Memphis 48 – 45
#23 Tennessee at #24 Florida(-4) Tennessee +4 Florida 26 – 20
#12 LSU (-7) at Mississippi St LSU -7 Mississippi St 37 – 7
#3 Clemson (-3) at #14 Louisville Clemson -3 Clemson 47 – 21
Texas at #4 USC (-15) USC -15 USC 27 – 24

Other Bets:

Event Risk Win Result
Illinois at USF (-10)*

Baylor at Duke (-7.5)*

$1.23 $0.98 USF 47 – 23

Duke 34 – 20

Oklahoma St (-4) at Pittsburgh $1.00 $0.95 Oklahoma St 59 – 21
Stanford at San Diego St (+9) $1.00 $0.87 San Diego St 20 – 17
Ole Miss (ML) at California $1.00 $0.41 California 27 – 16
LSU at Mississippi St

OVER 50.5

$1.00 $0.71 Mississippi St 37 – 7

* Denotes Teaser Bet

Overall Record: 12 – 6

Week 3 Record: 1 – 4

Starting Balance: $67.73

Ending Balacne: $65.33

The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 2 2017

Guess who went 6-1 last weekend?

I did. That’s right, occasionally I know exactly what the fuck I’m talking about. Last week was the best win percentage I’ve ever accumulated since starting this podcast.

It’s probably for the best that I don’t get a big head or anything but, dammit if that doesn’t make me happy.

How am I going to top Week 1’s success? By going 5-0 in Week 2 and hopefully padding my bankroll with mas pesos.

Speaking of which, if you want to get in on the gambling action too click HERE to set up your own Bovada account.

  • Will I get a bonus for you signing up? Probably.
  • Will you make money following my picks? Possibly.
  • Will you become a gambling junkie too? 100% Guarantee

Again to start your own gambling adventure click HERE and make Saturday’s even more interesting.

If you’re curious about Clay Travis and his picks be sure to follow him on Twitter or go to

Game Pick Result
#23 TCU (-3) at Arkansas TCU -3  TCU 28 – 7
#13 Auburn at #3 Clemson (-5) Clemson -5  Clemson 14 – 6
#5 Oklahoma at #2 Ohio St (-7) Oklahoma +7  Oklahoma 31 – 16
#15 Georgia at #24 Notre Dame (-4) Notre Dame -4  Georgia 20 – 19
#14 Stanford at #6 USC (-6) Stanford +6  USC 42 – 24

Other Bets:

Event Risk Win Result
FAU @ Wisconsin (-34) $1.39 $1.16 Wisconsin 31 – 14
Cincinnati (+33) @ Michigan $1.00 $0.91 Michigan 36 – 14
East Carolina @ West Virginia (-18.5)*

Louisville (-4)* @ North Carolina

$2.50 $2.00 West Virginia 56 – 20

Louisville 47 – 35

Iowa (+3)* @ Iowa St

Tulane (+16)* @ Navy

$2.50 $2.38 Iowa 44 – 41

Navy 23 -21


South Carolina @ Missouri (+3)*

OVER 65*

$1.41 $1.34 South Carolina 31 – 13
Bears (+13)* vs Falcons

Steelers vs Browns (+16)*

$1.49 $1.24 Falcons 23 – 17

Steelers 21 – 18

Overall Record: 11 – 5

Week 2 Record: 3 – 2

Starting Balance: $64.39

Ending Balance: $67.73

The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 1 2017

If last weekend’s cock tease of college football didn’t get you hard for Week 1, you should leave this website right now.

Only 2 teams ranked in the Top 25 touched the field last week, but this weekend…oh boy.

With 3 games this weekend that include both teams ranked, plus a battle on prime time TV between 2 top 5 squads this is everything college football fans have been yearning for since the clock hit zero in the national championship.

Last week I went 2-2 and lost my ass betting on Mystic Mac in the biggest PPV event of all time.

This week however, I’m looking to earn back some of that skrilla with a multitude of bets and hopefully bringing my win percentage above .500

**UPDATED 9/6/17**

Game Pick Result
#2 Ohio St (-20.5) at Indiana Ohio St -20.5 Ohio St 49 – 21
#8 Washington (-27.5) at Rutgers Washington -27.5 Washington 30 – 14
#11 Michigan (-3.5) vs #17 Florida Michigan -3.5 Michigan 33 – 17
#3 FSU vs #1 Alabama (-7) Alabama -7 Alabama 24 – 7
#22 West Virginia vs #21 Virginia Tech (-4) Virginia Tech -4 Virginia Tech 31 – 24
Texas A&M at UCLA (-4) Texas A&M +4 UCLA 45 – 44
#25 Tennessee (-3) vs Georgia Tech Georgia Tech +3 Tennessee 42 – 41

Other Bets:

Event Risk Win Result
UCF (-10)* vs FIU

OK State (-11)* vs Tulsa

$1.95 $1.56 UCF 61 – 17

OK State 59 – 24

Ohio St at Indiana


$1.00 $0.95 Ohio St 49 – 21
Colorado St at Colorado (+3)*

Washington at Rutgers (+34)*

$2.33 $2.03 Colorado 17 – 3

Washington 30 – 14

Maryland (+24)* at Texas

Wyoming at Iowa (-6)*

$2.00 $1.90 Maryland 51- 41

Iowa 24 – 3

Kent State at Clemson

OVER 45*

Maryland at Texas

OVER 50*

$1.36 $1.09 Clemson 56 -3

Maryland 51 – 41

Texas (-170 ML) vs Maryland $3.00 $1.76 Maryland 51 – 41
Michigan vs Florida


$2.00 $1.74 Michigan 33 – 17
Texas A&M (+12.5)* at UCLA

West Virginia at Virginia Tech (+2)*

$2.35 $2.04 (No Payout) UCLA 45 – 44

Virginia Tech 31 – 24


*Teaser Bets – higher odds but lower payout*

Week 1 Record: 6 – 1

Overall Record: 8 – 3

Starting Balance: $58.95

Ending Balance: $64.39

The Regular Usual: College Football Show – 2017 Preview

It’s that time again fam, College Football is back and kicking off on 8/26/17.

In this episode I’m giving you my picks for conference champions as well as my pick for the 4 games to start the season.

Plus my pick for Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor McGregor.

To better understand Blue Chip Ratios click the link and be sure to follow SBNation on Twitter.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter (JDASH325) and send in questions, comments, and concerns to

Enough fooling around lets get to the picks and let the greatest time of the year commence.

*UPDATED 8/29/17*

Conference Champion picks sure to go wrong:

Conference Champion Risk Win
Miami +600 $1.00 $6.00
UCF +900 $1.00 $9.00
West Virginia +1600 $1.00 $16.00
Penn State +550 $1.00 $5.50
Florida Atlantic +2000 $1.00 $20.00
USC +110 $1.00 $1.10
Auburn +500 $1.00 $5.00

Game Picks:

Game Pick Result
Oregon St at Colorado St (-4) Oregon St +4  Colorado St 58 – 27
Hawaii at UMass (-2) Hawaii +2  Hawaii 38 – 35
#19 USF (-22) at San Jose St USF -22  USF 42 – 22
#14 Stanford (-31) vs Rice Stanford -31  Stanford 62 – 7

Other Bets:

Event Risk Win Outcome
Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor (+325) $10.00 $32.50 Mayweather TKO
Mayweather Jr by Decision $1.46 $3.65 Mayweather TKO

Starting Balance: $70.51

Overall Record: 2-2

Ending Balance: $58.95


The Regular Usual: 2 Year Anniversary Episode


I can’t believe it’s been over 6 months since I recorded a podcast.

If you’ve never listened to one of my podcast’s before or are curious about the person I am behind closed doors, this one is on the level of my very first episodes where I open up entirely and give the dirt on what’s been going on in my life over the past few months.

Listen the first episode here that I reference frequently in this pod.

If you wanna reach out, hit me at or on Facebook or Twitter.

Any feedback, positive or negative, means everything.

Thank you for listening.

More to come in the future.

The Regular Usual: College Football (No) Show – Bowl Season Pt 4 2016

Yes, you read that title correctly.

There is NO podcast attached to this preview. So don’t go searching iTunes or Google Play hoping to find it. You’re SOL.

Why no podcast?

Well, if you’re following me on Twitter or friends on Facebook, then you’ll know the details.

For those of you left in the dark, I leave you with picks and a video to brighten your day.

If you haven’t heard this story yet, do yourself a favor. It’s the 2011 version. Enjoy.

Game Pick Result
#20 LSU (-3) vs Louisville


LSU -3 LSU 29 – 9
Georgia Tech (-3) vs Kentucky


Kentucky +3 Georgia Tech 33 – 18
#4 Washington vs #1 Alabama (-14)


Washington +14 Alabama 24 – 7
#3 Ohio St (-2) vs #2 Clemson


Clemson +2 Clemson 31 – 0
#15 W Michigan vs Wisconsin (-9)


WMU +9 Wisconsin 24 – 16
#17 Florida (-3) vs Iowa


UF -3 Florida 30 – 3
#9 USC (-7) vs Penn St


USC -7 USC 52 – 49
#14 Auburn vs Oklahoma (-3)


Oklahoma -3 Oklahoma 35 – 19

Bowl Season Record: 18-20-1

Overall Record: 70-70-2 (49%)

Starting Balance: $45.05

Ending Balance: $47.34

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