*UPDATED 12/17/17*

After last weekend’s snowy ass Army/Navy game, we’re finally to the best part of the year for any gambling degenerate…


Now’s when you can turn the fortunes back in your favor if you ended up in the red during the regular season OR fall even deeper in the hole and end up pawning your Xmas gifts to pay back your bookie (I’d say pawning your Hanukkah gifts but everyone knows Jews are better with $$$ and don’t gamble)

But if you’re degenerate scum like me, now’s the time to get in on the action and not miss the bus like your co-worker Karen did on #Bitcoin.

How you ask? By clicking this link to set up your own Bovada account where they’ll match your deposit up to $250. That’s better than your 401K

This week’s podcast (other than fucked up audio) consists of a single Listener Voicemail, thoughts on coaching hires, and of course game break downs

If you’d like to leave me a Voicemail about ANYTHING call 813-856-9093 and I’ll play the call on air next week. If you’d rather be a secretive bitcc-boi/gal you can always email me at theregularusual@gmail.com or hit me up on Twitter (JDASH325)

Game Pick Result
Troy (-7) vs N. Texas Troy -7  Troy 50 – 30
W. Kentucky (-6.5) vs Georgia St WKU -6  Georgia St 27 – 17
#25 Boise St vs Oregon (-7) Boise St +7  Boise St 38 – 28
Marshall vs Colorado St (-5.5) Marshall +6  Marshall 31 – 28
Middle Tennessee St vs Arkansas St (-4) Arkansas St -4  Middle Tennessee St 35 – 30
Akron vs FAU (-22) Akron +22  FAU 50 – 3

Other Bets:

Event Risk Win Result
Bowl TEASER +6.5*

Troy -0.5

W. Kentucky (Pick Em)

Boise St +14

Marshall +12.5

Arkansas St +3

Akron +29.5

$1.00 $5.25  Troy 50 – 30

Georgia St 27 – 17

Boise St 38 – 28

Marshall 31 – 28

Middle Tennessee St 35 – 30

FAU 50 – 3

Bowl Record Pt. 1: 3-3

Bowl Season Overall: 3-3

Overall Record: 67-52-5

Starting Balance: $101.02

Ending Balance: $99.60