(Inhales deeply)

It’s good to be back family. After 3 moves, living without a kitchen, and the struggle to stay warm, I’m finally back to podcasting.

This week’s guest and I go way back (almost 20 years) and while neither of us would say we were tight while growing up it was a pleasure to get an insight to who he really is.

Besides being an all around great guy, Robert is someone who is willing to put in the work to change his life for the better. Whether it’s grinding through course work that most people struggle with or losing over 100 lbs, Robert’s done it with a smile on his face and envy worthy self discipline.

I wasn't lying when I said 100 lbs

I wasn’t lying when I said 100 lbs

Episode Links:

UCF’s Road Map to Computer Engineering
How to Read Music
Types of Coding and Their Applications
Microsoft Coding Courses
Future Crimes: Everything is Connnected, Everyone is Vulnerable and What We Can Do About It  by Marc Goodman
Couch to 5K
TOR Network

Robert’s Favorites:
Netflix – Dexter, Orange is The New Black, House of Cards, Arrow, The Flash
Books – Books by Ben Carson, Game of Thrones
Websites – BleacherReport, ESPN

I also get Robert’s thoughts on:
Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, and the future of Artificial Intelligence

*Don’t forget to cheer Robert on as he embarks on his 1st half marathon.

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