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New Year, New Me is Bullsh*t

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Courage is strength in face of pain or grief, what’s harder than being honest with ourselves?

I hate New Year resolutions. I’m scared to fail.

Typical resolutions involve losing weight, quitting a vice, or making promises you won’t keep. I’ve failed each of the 3 I just mentioned.

In the past I’ve told myself “at the end of 20____  I will finally see my abs.” “In 20____ I will stop watching porn.” “The year of 20___ will be the end of flaking on people.” “This will be the year I start my own business.”

I can’t tell you how long I actually stuck with each of these but:  I still can’t see my abs, I didn’t last more than 2 weeks without using the Incognito tab, I just flaked on someone last week, and I’m not generating my own income.

If you’ve ever attempted and bailed on a resolution, I can relate. The key is finding the smallest achievable ‘win’ to keep momentum.

A quote I heard not too long ago but is often echoed by James Altucher “be 1% better each day”, it’s hard to fail when you set the bar low, but how do you gauge what a 1% improvement is given your current state in life?

When it comes to a physical goal is it shaving time off your run? Hitting one more rep at the gym? Losing or gaining a few ounces of weight?

In your personal life is it simply greeting others with a smile? Saying hello to a stranger? Giving your partner a kiss just because? Reaching out to the friend you’ve been meaning to contact?

Emotionally/Internally can it be not reaching for your vice when you’re stressed? Meditating for another few seconds? Keeping the simplest of promises to yourself?

A simple goal of being happy isn’t quantifiable per se, but at the end of the day if you’re not as angry at the world or just satisfied with your choices isn’t that considered a 1% improvement?

For the last 3 years, I’ve had visions of grandeur that involve working for myself and setting my own schedule. Two days shy of 6 months ago, I finally took the first step towards grasping my elusive visions.

Why did I waste 2 ½ years of my life before pulling the trigger?

It wasn’t because I was scared to fail, it’s because I was scared of the work involved.

New Year resolutions are just an excuse to push things off till a certain day. To indulge in your vice, to be carefree for just another day, all because starting right now, TODAY, will involve work on your part.

Maybe I’m way off in my reasoning as it applies to you; but if you’re actually honest with yourself, you know deep down that holding out till a new calendar year will afford you time to build the mental fortitude to start your project. New Year, New Me is bullshit.

Time is the most valuable, non-renewable resource each of us possess. I hate wasting time when I’m trying to complete a task I, yet I easily waste up to 3 hours a day checking social media, reading articles, and comparing myself to others.

When I sit back and reflect on my day, I usually end up regretting not crossing something off my mental checklist. But if I applied those 3 wasted hours to my checklist, I could certainly go to bed feeling relieved; until I think about what might await me tomorrow. I know it’s going to involve work.

The visions/ pipedreams I spoke of earlier all seem so attractive because they don’t involve answering to anyone but me and only working on tasks that I believe matter. The paradox is working on said tasks will lead to more work, better work, work that may take me away from what I value.

Maybe I’m just lazy…

I’ve never worked a job where I didn’t resent someone above me in the chain of command, most of which revolve around petty reasoning. I’m always certain I could perform their job better and modify duties and focus towards what’s important. Trim the fat.

I scared that if I’m answering to just me, I’ll end up resenting myself. Working on things that I don’t care about again and going back to zoning out on my phone. I’m the fat that needs trimming.

How do I avoid failure? I should take the advice I gave at the beginning and find the smallest win to keep momentum.

It’s funny how we each know the answers to our own problems but it takes confirmation from an outside source (friends, family, the internet) to decide to solve it.

I hate New Year Resolutions because I’m scared of failing.

I started my website and podcast on July 2, 2015. Things started strong then slowed down, they picked up again, then dropped off again. Looking at December, I only put out 1 episode and it was about College Football. Zero interviews and a goose egg when it came to new articles. I’ve let myself down.

Fret not though, this isn’t meant to be a pity party for me. I waste time and let life get in the way of working towards what’s achievable. So I’ll let you in on what I’ve got planned for 2016 and what I’ve started already.

The 2nd week of December I switched to a Ketogenic diet. I started at 212lbs and was sticking to the same workout program I’d been with for about 6 weeks (push, pull 2x, legs 2x). I made a $50 bet with my cousin on Thanksgiving that he’d gain 10% of his body weight while I lose 10% of mine. Initial weigh-in is New Year’s Eve and whoever reaches their goal first or is closer by April 1st wins.

Monday (12/28) I switched my lifting to only focus on the Big 3 (Squat, Bench, Deadlift) after being inspired by this article.

*If you’d like to dive deeper on my current weight/progress/strength gains, tell me and I’ll post them every Saturday or email them to you directly.*

Which leads me to the second thing I have planned for the 2016, starting an email list. I’ve been reading for the past 2 months more and more articles by some of my influences on the importance of email list and how many of them regret not starting one sooner.

What will my email list entail or provide? Can’t lie I’m not sure on the specifics yet, but it will involve notifying you each time I put new work out into the world without following me on social media. It may include book recommendations, the aforementioned body composition progress, or simply asking for recommendations from you.

Speaking of new work, the podcast will be returning in 2016 with the meat and potatoes focus on interview episodes until the college football season returns in the fall. I also am planning to jump on the YouTube train that will hopefully push me into shooting the documentary series I’ve wanted to pursue.

Finally, I want to see the first dollar from my own business. The website was concrete floor and the podcast is the framing, tie in the other plans and hopefully come 2017 I’ll be building stairs.

Why put this out to the public to live for eternity on the internet?

Because I’m scared of failing and posting this holds me accountable and if you feel I’m getting lazy or not following through, send me the link to this article. Remind me to stop being a bitch.

This is my New Year Resolution. I can’t fail.

IF you have a resolution you’d like to stick to and want some extra motivation or continued momentum, email me, message me on Facebook, or DM me on Twitter. We’ll push each other.




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