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Month: December 2015

New Year, New Me is Bullsh*t

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Courage is strength in face of pain or grief, what’s harder than being honest with ourselves?

I hate New Year resolutions. I’m scared to fail.

Typical resolutions involve losing weight, quitting a vice, or making promises you won’t keep. I’ve failed each of the 3 I just mentioned.

In the past I’ve told myself “at the end of 20____  I will finally see my abs.” “In 20____ I will stop watching porn.” “The year of 20___ will be the end of flaking on people.” “This will be the year I start my own business.”

I can’t tell you how long I actually stuck with each of these but:  I still can’t see my abs, I didn’t last more than 2 weeks without using the Incognito tab, I just flaked on someone last week, and I’m not generating my own income.

If you’ve ever attempted and bailed on a resolution, I can relate. The key is finding the smallest achievable ‘win’ to keep momentum.

A quote I heard not too long ago but is often echoed by James Altucher “be 1% better each day”, it’s hard to fail when you set the bar low, but how do you gauge what a 1% improvement is given your current state in life?

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The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 14 2015

This is it people, the final week of games before bowl season starts and 6 weeks till you’re left wondering “Where has all the football gone?”.

*UPDATED 12/7/15*

#RivalryWeek did not disappoint, unless you’re Gator fan (that one stung).Screenshot 2015-12-02 10.12.51

For Week 14, I had fan favorite Patrick McLymont (4-7) back on trying to finish the year with a winning record.

We break down & pick 6 games for weekend, talk about past performances, and discuss the coaching carousel.

Regardless after Saturday’s games, the CFP Playoff will be locked in, bowl game matchups will be set, and the newest Heisman will be named. So enjoy it while it lasts fam.

Another week, another highlight video courtesy of CNtaco. Check out more of the CNtaco’s work on YouTube.

Game Pick Result
Texas at Baylor (-21) Baylor -21  Texas 23-17
Temple at Houston (-7) Temple +7  Houston 24-13
USC at Stanford (-5) USC +5  Stanford 41-22
Michigan St (-4) vs Iowa Iowa +4  Michigan St 16-13
UNC vs Clemson (-5) UNC +5 Clemson 45-37 
UF vs Alabama (-17) UF +17  Alabama 29-15

Pat’s Picks:
Baylor -21
Houston -7
USC +5
Michigan St -4
UNC +5
UF +17

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