Rivalry week. Where even if your season is a wash, a victory over your rival and spoiling their success tastes just as sweet…or you get crushed and watch your coach get the ax.

***UPDATED 11/29***

Last week I had a solid performance at 10-6 which puts me right under 60% for the year and this week I cross that line.

This week I’m joined by longtime friend Wes Crockett and we break down 7 games for Thanksgiving weekend, talk coaching vacancies, and playoff expansion.

Another week, another highlight video courtesy of CNtaco. Check out more of the CNtaco’s work on YouTube.


Game Pick Result
Ohio St at Michigan (EVEN) Michigan  Ohio St 42-13
BYU (-3) at Utah St BYU -3  BYU 51-28
Penn St at Michigan St (-11) Michigan St -11 Michigan St 55-16
Alabama (-15) at Auburn Alabama -15  Alabama 29-13
UCLA at USC (-4) USC -4  USC 40-21
Ole Miss (-1) at Mississippi St Miss St +1  Ole Miss 38-27
FSU (-3) at UF FSU -3  FSU 27-2
Notre Dame at Stanford (-4) Notre Dame +4 Stanford 38-36 
Texas A&M at LSU (-6) Texas A&M +6  LSU 19-7
Oklahoma (-7) at Oklahoma St Ok St +7 & -58  Oklahoma 58-23
Baylor (-2) at TCU Baylor -2  TCU 28-21
Miami at Pittsburgh (-6) Miami +6  Miami 29-24
USF at UCF (no line) USF  USF 44-3

8-5 or 61% ya dig? Which brings my Overall above that 60% line I mentioned at the top. Dang I’m dope.

Overall: 124-79

Wes’s Picks: 5-2
Baylor -2
Ohio St
Notre Dame +4
Oklahoma -7 & +58
Alabama -15
Ole Miss -1
UF +3

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