It’s been almost a month since the last interview dropped and I’ve been itching to produce some content.

This episode isn’t a full on interview like the previous ones where I ask guests about their backgrounds, what they do, and what they hope to accomplish because I almost know more about this person than I know about  myself.

Misty Kapke has been my girlfriend for over 8 years and in this episode we discuss some of the issues we’ve been encountering lately, dealing with stress, marriage, and cats.

If you’re a fan of scripted reality shows, you’ll hate this. But if you like people watching and want to go a little bit more in depth, this should be right up your alley.

The source of most stress

Current source of most stress

The TED talk Misty was referring to from NPR

There’s a plethora of information online for dealing with stress but if you listen to the episode and feel like there’s something you want to get off your chest, email me: JDASH@THEREGULARUSUAL.COM, hit me up on Twitter, or message me on Facebook

While Misty rarely messes with social media, you can reach her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram