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Month: November 2015

The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 13 2015

Rivalry week. Where even if your season is a wash, a victory over your rival and spoiling their success tastes just as sweet…or you get crushed and watch your coach get the ax.

***UPDATED 11/29***

Last week I had a solid performance at 10-6 which puts me right under 60% for the year and this week I cross that line.

This week I’m joined by longtime friend Wes Crockett and we break down 7 games for Thanksgiving weekend, talk coaching vacancies, and playoff expansion.

Another week, another highlight video courtesy of CNtaco. Check out more of the CNtaco’s work on YouTube.


Game Pick Result
Ohio St at Michigan (EVEN) Michigan  Ohio St 42-13
BYU (-3) at Utah St BYU -3  BYU 51-28
Penn St at Michigan St (-11) Michigan St -11 Michigan St 55-16
Alabama (-15) at Auburn Alabama -15  Alabama 29-13
UCLA at USC (-4) USC -4  USC 40-21
Ole Miss (-1) at Mississippi St Miss St +1  Ole Miss 38-27
FSU (-3) at UF FSU -3  FSU 27-2
Notre Dame at Stanford (-4) Notre Dame +4 Stanford 38-36 
Texas A&M at LSU (-6) Texas A&M +6  LSU 19-7
Oklahoma (-7) at Oklahoma St Ok St +7 & -58  Oklahoma 58-23
Baylor (-2) at TCU Baylor -2  TCU 28-21
Miami at Pittsburgh (-6) Miami +6  Miami 29-24
USF at UCF (no line) USF  USF 44-3

8-5 or 61% ya dig? Which brings my Overall above that 60% line I mentioned at the top. Dang I’m dope.

Overall: 124-79

Wes’s Picks: 5-2
Baylor -2
Ohio St
Notre Dame +4
Oklahoma -7 & +58
Alabama -15
Ole Miss -1
UF +3

The article Wes mentioned regarding Devon Gales.

Donate to the Devon Gales Fund.

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The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 12 2015

Finished off last week in that cushy .500 spot. Nothing to write home about and far from brag worthy.

*UPDATED 11/22*

This week I’m joined again by Patrick McLymont as he drives home from work. Pat’s looking to improve his win percentage from Week 7 where he went 2-3 and he’s gunning hard for 6-0.

In this episode, we break down 4 showdowns against ranked opponents, give quick picks for 2 more, talk about the Heisman race and alternate scenarios for the College Football Playoff.

If you’re tired of seeing Ronda Rousey get head kicked, then you’ve come to the right place.

Check out more of the CNtaco’s work on YouTube. I’ve been using his highlight videos for a bit. The guy is talented. (see below)

Heisman Leaders:
Patrick – Derrick Henry, Ezekiel Elliot, Deshaun Watson, Baker Mayfield
Jordan – Deshaun Watson, Derrick Henry, Baker Mayfield, JT Barrett

Game Pick Result
Memphis (-1.5) at Temple Temple +1.5  Temple 31-12
Michigan (-4) at Penn St Michigan -4 Michigan 28-16 
Michigan St at Ohio St Michigan St +13.5  Michigan St 17-14
USC at Oregon (-4) USC +4  Oregon 48-28
UCLA at Utah (-2) Utah -2  UCLA 17-9
Northwestern at Wisconsin (-10) Northwestern +10  Northwestern 13-7
Louisville at Pittsburgh (-2) Pittsburgh -2  Pittsburgh 45-34
Mississippi St at Arkansas (-4) Miss St +4  Miss St 51-50
Baylor at Oklahoma St (EVEN) Baylor Baylor 45-35 
TCU at Oklahoma (-10)* Oklahoma -10*  Oklahoma 30-29
LSU at Ole Miss (-4.5) LSU +4.5  Ole Miss 38-17
East Carolina (-14) at UCF UCF +14  ECU 44-7
Cincinnati (-2.5) at USF USF +2.5 USF 44-23 
Georgia Tech (-2.5) at Miami Miami +2.5  Miami 38-21
FAU at UF (-31) FAU +31  UF 20-14
Chattanooga at FSU (-30.5) Chattanooga +30.5  FSU 52-13

Oh shit…10-6

Overall: 116-74

Pat’s Picks:
Utah -2
Ohio St -13.5
Oklahoma St
TCU +10
LSU +4.5
Oregon -4
Pat Overall: 4-7

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The Regular Usual Episode 012: Get After It with Chris Hilbert

Chris is currently a Corporate Recruiter working with Citi, who’s spent the majority of his professional career in the staffing industry.

In this episode we discuss everything from the pros and cons of pledging a fraternity, applying for jobs that play to your strengths, disappointment in UCF’s football team, and what Chris vibes to on the way to work.

Don’t be afraid to fail. You learn the most from your failures – Chris Hilbert

Episode Links:

Netflix Shows to fill the void: Narcos, Master of None, Gotham

Smart Cuts by Shane Snow

UCF Football



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The D-Evolution of Texting

While doing my monthly computer back-up, I came across something I wrote back in April 2014. Is it great? No.
But I figure it groups nicely with the other BS post I put out a while back. This is another edition of Tales from the C: Drive

First off here’s a DISCLAIMER for those you who A) hate long posts or B) only read while you’re in the bathroom. If you’re a group A individual, there’s an ‘X’ in the corner of the screen you should click now.

However if you relate to group B here’s a few preemptive tips: provide courtesy flushes if you’re in public or at work, stand up occasionally to prevent your feet from going numb, and wipe twice more than you think is appropriate.

That being said, this is the first article/blog post I’ve ever written and allowed people to read and approximately 40% of it was written with the assistance of friend named Cabernet Sauvignon. Here goes…

Continue reading

The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 11 2015

With an 8-7 record last week, I don’t have high hopes for a perfect week of picks. Regardless, I’m going to give it another go and cross my fingers, hold my breath, jump up and down…you get the picture, to keep that overall win percentage up.

Big shout out to those few loyal listeners each to these specialty episodes, if I gave you each $1, I wouldn’t be out more than a 50 spot.

*UPDATED 11/15*

Heisman Race: Deshaun Watson, Derrick Henry, Corey Coleman, Ezekiel Elliot, Leonard Fournette

Game Pick Result
Georgia at Auburn (-2) Auburn -2  Georgia 20-13
Utah St (-1) at Air Force Utah St -1 Air Force 35-28 
Memphis at Houston (-7) Memphis +7  Houston 35-34
Miami at North Carolina (-13) Miami +13  UNC 59-21
Washington St at UCLA (-10.5) Wazzu +10.5  Wazzu 31-27
Oklahoma at Baylor (-2.5) Oklahoma +2.5  Oklahoma 44-34
Alabama (-8) at Mississippi St Mississippi St +8  Alabama 31-6
Oregon at Stanford (-10) Oregon +10  Oregon 38-36
Temple(-2.5)  at USF Temple +2.5  USF 44-23
Minnesota at Iowa (-12) Minnesota +12  Iowa 40-35
North Carolina St at FSU (-10) NCST +10  FSU 34-17
UF (-7.5) at South Carolina UF -7.5  UF 24-14

6-6    I keep it .500

Overall: 106-68

Playoff Predictions – Week 11 (in no order)

Ohio St
Notre Dame


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The Regular Usual Episode 011: Veteran’s Day Special with Misty Kapke

It’s been almost a month since the last interview dropped and I’ve been itching to produce some content.

This episode isn’t a full on interview like the previous ones where I ask guests about their backgrounds, what they do, and what they hope to accomplish because I almost know more about this person than I know about  myself.

Misty Kapke has been my girlfriend for over 8 years and in this episode we discuss some of the issues we’ve been encountering lately, dealing with stress, marriage, and cats.

If you’re a fan of scripted reality shows, you’ll hate this. But if you like people watching and want to go a little bit more in depth, this should be right up your alley.

The source of most stress

Current source of most stress

The TED talk Misty was referring to from NPR

There’s a plethora of information online for dealing with stress but if you listen to the episode and feel like there’s something you want to get off your chest, email me: JDASH@THEREGULARUSUAL.COM, hit me up on Twitter, or message me on Facebook

While Misty rarely messes with social media, you can reach her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 10 2015

After a slow October and a podcast free post last week I’m back with fellow UCF Alumni Robert Higginbotham to break down this weekend’s games. Going 7-8 last week was not very chill, so I can only go up…or completely shit the bed from here on out.

*Quick note before you get further down the page, we recorded this on Sunday (11/1) before the line for FSU/Clemson was set and the LSU/Bama line moved to Bama (-6.5). I texted Robert and we both switched up our picks made on the podcast given the updated lines.

**UPDATED 11/8/15***

Playoff Predictions – Week 10 (in no order)

Jordan Robert
Clemson TCU
LSU Michigan St.
TCU Alabama
Ohio St Clemson

Heisman Race:
Unanimous – Leonard Fournette, Trevone Boykin
Jordan – Deshaun Watson, Corey Coleman
Robert – Derrick Henry, Paxton Lynch

Game Pick Result
Duke at North Carolina (-8) Duke +8  UNC 66-31
Notre Dame (-8.5) at Pittsburgh Pitt +8.5  Notre Dame 42-30
Florida State at Clemson (-12) FSU +12  Clemson 23-13
Arizona St at Washington St (-2.5) WSU -2.5  Wazzu 38-24
TCU (-5) at Oklahoma St Oklahoma St +5  OK St. 49-29
Iowa (-7) at Indiana Iowa -7  Iowa 35-27
Marshall at Middle Tennessee (-3) Marshall -3  Middle Tenn. 27-24
Navy at Memphis (-8) Navy +8  Navy 45-20
Utah at Washington (-1) Utah +1  Utah 34-23
LSU at Alabama (-6.5) LSU +6.5  Bama 30-16
Cincinnati at Houston (-9.5) Houston -9.5  Houston 33-30
UCF at Tulsa (-17) Tulsa -17  Tulsa 45-30
Vanderbilt at Florida (-21) UF +21 UF 9-7
Virginia at Miami (No Line) Miami  Miami 27-21
USF at East Carolina (-4) USF +4  USF 22-17

8-7   Word, I’ll take it.

Overall: 100-62

Robert’s Picks:
FSU +12
TCU -5
Cincinnati +9.5
LSU +6.5

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