13-5 last week?!?! I need to move to Vegas and start my career as a handicapper. Sorry, that’s just the overconfidence and lack of money I’ve actually risked talking.

Last week was another one loaded with action packed college football action and once again a prime example of why I love the sport. This week doesn’t quite have the marquee match-ups that Week 5 offered but some decent action regardless.

This week, I break down 14 games and look to improve once again upon the prior week.

*UPDATED 10/11/15*

Impressive performances by UF and TCU last week (see below):

A rapid reaction after Miami’s loss to Cincinnati, which I still stand behind

Game Pick Result
Indiana at Penn St. (N/A) Penn St.  Penn St. 29-7
Oklahoma (-17) at Texas Oklahoma (-17)  Texas 24-17
Northwestern at Michigan (-8) Northwestern (+8)  Michigan 38-0
Georgia (-3) at Tennessee Georgia (-3)  Tennessee 38-31
Wisconsin at Nebraska (-1.5) Wisconsin (+1.5)  Wisconsin 23-21
Oklahoma St. at West Virginia (-7) West Virginia (-7)  Oklahoma St. 33-26
Boise State (-16) at Colorado State Boise State (-16)  Boise St. 41-10
Florida (-5.5) at Missouri Florida (-5.5) Florida 21-3 
Miami at FSU (-9) Miami (+9)  FSU 29-21
California at Utah (-7.5) Utah (-7.5)  Utah 30-24
Georgia Tech at Clemson (-7) Georgia Teach (+7) Clemson  43-24
TCU(-9.5) at Kansas St. TCU (-9.5)  TCU 52-45
Syracuse at USF (-3) Syracuse (+3)  USF 45-24
UConn at UCF (-2.5) UConn (+2.5)  UConn 40-13

10-4 … but a weak showing with only 36% In the Money

Overall: 65-36

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