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Month: October 2015

The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 9 2015

Before you get too far into reading this week’s post, there is NOT a podcast attached for this week.

*UPDATED 11/1/15*

I know, I know, the 20-30 of you who listen consistently to the special editions might be upset but life showed up and I had to reschedule with this week’s intended guest, but I promise we’ll be back next week to break down Week 10.

They say “Consistency breeds Confidence/Success/Mastery/(insert a positive synonym) but I feel that you could probably end it at “Consistency breeds…”. Why? Because the act of breeding feels great and breeding leads to replicating and replicating = making more, yada yada…

Sorry, that took a weird turn, but you get where I was going. Staying consistent is what makes people eventually break through and even though things didn’t quite fall into place for this week, I’m still going to put out some content. Even if it’s in written form because I too get tired of hearing me say “umm” during those first couple of weeks with no one to interact with.

Last week, I was not consistent. I went 7-9 with my picks and haven’t done this poorly since Week 3.

^Utah DB (Week 8 picks) vs. JuJu Smith (Reality)

My gut said go heavy on the underdogs and be slick. My gut is connected to my asshole and we all know what comes out of there.

This week leaves much to be desired in terms of high profile matchups unless you’re into Notre Dame at Temple (see below). Otherwise we’re loaded with conference show downs and I’ve picked 4 to cover, so lets get to it.

West Virginia (+14.5) at TCU 

This game is loaded with a whole lotta offense and a not a whole lotta defense. WV comes in after a bye week and 3 consecutive losses, albeit to 3 ranked teams. This has the potential to be a complete shoot out and who ever has the ball last wins. Things are no different this year, TCU is the better team overall, but has played a weaker schedule and has had trouble putting away (read stopping) anyone with a decent offense. With an O/U at 75, Vegas projects a high scoring game and I agree, but 14.5 points is too many for TCU to cover. Upset watch on Thursday night.

Georgia vs Florida (-3)

2 week’s ago, CFS guest Patrick picked this game to be a trap for UF if they beat LSU. The Gators lost, but this was before Will Grier was suspended and the Gators offense was rolling. Treon Harris did better than expected against the Bayou Bengals but couldn’t move the ball on the final drive to give UF a chance. Both UGA and UF were on bye’s last week, so expect this to be low scoring in the 1st half due to film study paying off. The Bulldogs aren’t the same team without Nick Chubb and this matchup gives Coach Mac an opportunity to gets his 3rd signature W of the year and hold a firm grip on the SEC East. Every time I’ve picked against UF, I’ve been burned. Gimme the Gators on their quest to return as the top team in the state of Florida.

Southern California (-6) vs. California

Was Utah over rated or is USC another example of an interim coach getting everything out of his players? ICYMI Interim coaches are all the rage and in Week 9, Clay Helton will have the Trojans building upon the confidence the gained last week. California started the year off hot but are coming off back-to-back conference losses and need this game to keep the hope of winning the Pac-12 North. USC is playing with an edge, a chip on their shoulder, and little reckless abandon which makes for a dangerous team. Statistically this is a nearly even matchup but I’m rolling with the interim coaching theme and higher caliber athletes the Trojans bring to the table.  USC by double digits.

Notre Dame (-10.5) at Temple

Just writing that as a game to break down is a tad disappointing. It’s kinda like the plot to Rudy but without the lisp. No one is giving the Owls a real chance, but a top 25 matchup in front of a national audience, on prime time against one of the most storied football programs/Playoff hopefuls, has all the makings of an upset. But the Irish are a much, much better team and have played top notch competition with only a failed 2pt conversion keeping them from being ranked as a top 3 team (ESPN loves them as much as the idea of a Tebow/Brady Step Brothers remake). I’ve previously proclaimed Notre Dame as my zombie team of a squad winning with their backups and playing on Halloween it fits the bill even better. This might actually be close at halftime but the Irish pull away in the 3rd and cover the 10.5 spread, no matter what my gut truly wants.

Playoff Projections: Week 9 (in no order)
Ohio St.

Heisman Race: Leonard Fournette, Trevone Boykin, Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook, Deshaun Watson

The rest of the picks

Game Pick Result
Illinois at Penn State (-4.5) Penn St -4.5 Penn St 39-0 
Ole Miss (-7.5) at Auburn Ole Miss -7.5  Ole Miss 27-19
USC (-6) at California USC -6  USC 27-21
Oklahoma St (-3) at Texas Tech Texas Tech +3  Oklahoma St 70-53
Georgia vs. Florida (-3) Florida -3  Florida 27-3
San Diego St (-3.5) at Colorado St CSU +3.5  San Diego St 41-17
Texas (-6.5) at Iowa St Iowa St +6.5  Iowa St 24-0
Tennessee (-9) at Kentucky Kentucky +9  Tennessee 52-21
Notre Dame (-10.5) at Temple Notre Dame -10.5  Notre Dame 24-20
Stanford (-10.5) at Washington St WSU +10.5  Stanford 30-28
West Virginia at TCU (-14.5) WV +14.5  TCU 40-10
UCF at Cincinnati (-27.5) Cincinnati -27.5  Cincinnati 52-7
USF at Navy (-7) USF +7  Navy 29-17
Miami at Duke (-8) Duke -8  Miami 30-27
Syracuse at FSU (-20.5) Syracuse +20.5 FSU 45-21 

7-8 (Meh..)

Overall: 92-55

Hopefully how I’m feeling some Sunday *(Not how I’m feeling on 11/1, but that Miami game…)

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The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 8 2015

The listeners seem to dig last week’s College Football Show when I decided to shake things up and have a guest on. So I gotta give the people what they want and continue the trend.

Florida born but Alabama raised,  the big homie Will Bailey  joins me to break down 5  of the best games Week 8 has to offer, playoff predictions, and our current Heisman leaders.

Last week’s picks finished at 13-2 and above .500 against the spread. This week I banking BIG on underdogs and I’m sure to mess a few up. On to the picks.

*UPDATED 10/26/15*

Playoff Predictions – Week 8 (in no order)

LSU Baylor
Utah Ohio St
TCU Utah
Ohio St Clemson


Game Pick Result
Clemson (-7) at Miami Miami +7  Clemson 58-0
Kansas St at Texas (-4.5) Kansas St +4.5  Texas 23-9
Pittsburgh (-7) at Syracuse Syracuse +7  Pittsburgh 23-20
Wisconsin (-7) at Illinois Illinois +7  Wisconsin 24-13
Duke at Virginia Tech (-2.5) VT -2.5  Duke 45-43
Ohio (-3) at Buffalo Ohio -3  Buffalo 41-17
Washington St at Arizona (-7.5) Washington St +7.5  Washington St 45-42
Texas A&M at Ole Miss (-6) Ole Miss -6  Ole Miss 23-3
Utah at USC (-3.5) Utah +3.5  USC 42-24
Kentucky at Mississippi St (-11) Kentucky +11  Mississippi St 42-16
California  at UCLA (-3) UCLA -3  UCLA 40-24
Tennessee at Alabama (-15.5) Tennessee +15.5  Alabama 19-14
Texas Tech at Oklahoma (-14.5) Texas Tech +14.5  Oklahoma 63-27
Houston (-21.5) at UCF Houston -21.5  Houston 59-10
FSU (-6.5) at Georgia Tech FSU -6.5  Georgia Tech 22-16
SMU (-11.5) at USF USF +11.5  USF 38-14

7-9 (Yikes) with 43% in the money

Overall: 85-47

Will’s Picks:
Ole Miss -6
Utah +3.5
Cal +3
Texas Tech +14.5
Alabama -15.5

Heisman Race:
Unanimous – Leonard Fournette, Trevone Boykin, Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook
Darkhorses – Ezekiel Elliot (Will), Travis Wilson (Jordan)

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The Regular Usual Episode 010: Purchasing Your Next Car with Patrick McLymont

Patrick is currently a car salesman working in SWFL. After spending time in the service industry, he decided to apply his skills to a new arena…the world of automotive sales. In this episode Pat and I discuss his ability to find commonalities among strangers quickly, the lure of the fast dollar, and what people should prepare when the time comes to buy their next vehicle.

You’re going to fail. The difference is failing doing something you want to do or something you didn’t want to do – Patrick McLymont

My first instinct for outro music…but for Toyota’s

Episode Links:

For realistic vehicle pricing – Kelley Blue Book, NADA, TrueCar

*Not mentioned in the episode but good for a laugh if you’ve worked in the service industry “Server Problems

Looking to buy a new vehicle or have questions about the purchasing process? Email Patrick :

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The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 7 2015

I switched the game up a bit this week and added a guest to break down Week 7. After recording an interview episode and chowing down on some BBQ with me, my boy Patrick McLymont stuck around to talk some college football.

We break down 5 games worthy of being games of the week, playoff predictions, and our Heisman leaders.

Last week I was 10-4 but would’ve lost my ass in Vegas with only 36% of my picks earning a hypothetical payout.

*UPDATED 10/18/15*

Playoff Predictions – Week 7 (in no order)



Florida Florida
Michigan Michigan
TCU Baylor
Clemson Texas A&M

Heisman Race:

Unanimous – Leonard Fournette, Trevone Boykin
Darkhorses – Dalvin Cook (Both), Jalen Tabor (Pat), Travis Wilson (Jordan)

Week 7 Picks

Game Pick Result
Iowa (-2.5) at Northwestern Northwestern +2.5  Iowa 40-10
Oklahoma (-4.5) at Kansas St Kansas St +4.5  Oklahoma 55-0
Alabama (-4) at Texas A&M Alabama -4  Alabama 41-23
Michigan St at Michigan (-8) Michigan -8  Michigan St 27-23
Virginia Tech at Miami (-6) Virginia Tech +6  Miami 30-20
Oregon at Washington (-2) Washington -2  Oregon 26-20
Louisville at FSU (-7) Louisville +7  FSU 41-21
Florida at LSU (-7.5) Florida +7.5  LSU 38-28
Arizona St at Utah (-6.5) Utah -6.5  Utah 34-18
USC at Notre Dame (-7) Notre Dame -7  Notre Dame 41-21
UCLA at Stanford (-6.5) Stanford -6.5  Stanford 56-35
Penn St at Ohio St (-17) Penn St +17  Ohio St 38-10
Ole Miss at Memphis (-10.5) Memphis +10.5  Memphis 37-24
UCF at Temple (-21.5) UCF +21.5  Temple 30-16
USF at UConn (-2.5) USF +2.5  USF 28-20

13-2  with 53% in the money. Gotta love those underdogs

Overall: 78-38

Pat’s Picks:

Stanford (-6.5)
Northwestern (+2.5)
Texas A&M (+3.5)
Florida (+7.5)
Michigan (-8)

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The Regular Usual Episode 009: Sports Journalism with David Kenyon

David Kenyon is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report currently covering the University of Michigan’s college football team. In this episode we discuss how David’s interest in sports led him from an opportunity in broadcasting to writing for the 2nd largest sports media network on the internet.

If you have any aspirations to work as journalist or looking for a way to get more involved in the world of sports, be sure to give this a episode a listen.

“If people can’t show you how to be, they can show you how NOT to be” – David Kenyon

Episode Links:

Bleacher Report and their Advanced Program in Sports Media



Writer’s Mentioned:

Adam Kramer, Matt Porter, Spencer Hall, and Ryan Nanni

Follow David on Twitter , keep an eye out for his latest work on Bleacher Report , and look for his weekly appearances on the Bax & Grant Sports Show

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The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 6 2015

13-5 last week?!?! I need to move to Vegas and start my career as a handicapper. Sorry, that’s just the overconfidence and lack of money I’ve actually risked talking.

Last week was another one loaded with action packed college football action and once again a prime example of why I love the sport. This week doesn’t quite have the marquee match-ups that Week 5 offered but some decent action regardless.

This week, I break down 14 games and look to improve once again upon the prior week.

*UPDATED 10/11/15*

Impressive performances by UF and TCU last week (see below):

A rapid reaction after Miami’s loss to Cincinnati, which I still stand behind

Game Pick Result
Indiana at Penn St. (N/A) Penn St.  Penn St. 29-7
Oklahoma (-17) at Texas Oklahoma (-17)  Texas 24-17
Northwestern at Michigan (-8) Northwestern (+8)  Michigan 38-0
Georgia (-3) at Tennessee Georgia (-3)  Tennessee 38-31
Wisconsin at Nebraska (-1.5) Wisconsin (+1.5)  Wisconsin 23-21
Oklahoma St. at West Virginia (-7) West Virginia (-7)  Oklahoma St. 33-26
Boise State (-16) at Colorado State Boise State (-16)  Boise St. 41-10
Florida (-5.5) at Missouri Florida (-5.5) Florida 21-3 
Miami at FSU (-9) Miami (+9)  FSU 29-21
California at Utah (-7.5) Utah (-7.5)  Utah 30-24
Georgia Tech at Clemson (-7) Georgia Teach (+7) Clemson  43-24
TCU(-9.5) at Kansas St. TCU (-9.5)  TCU 52-45
Syracuse at USF (-3) Syracuse (+3)  USF 45-24
UConn at UCF (-2.5) UConn (+2.5)  UConn 40-13

10-4 … but a weak showing with only 36% In the Money

Overall: 65-36

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