I knew Week 3 had to be a fluke and the future only looks brighter with more highly anticipated match-ups on the horizon for week 5. Last week I finished 10-4 and was in the money for almost half my picks. Kudos to me.

This week I tackle 18 games: 10 of which are based on ESPN’s College Pick ‘Em, 4 games to take note of, and 4 that cover the State of Florida schools (UF included in this week’s Pick ’em games).

Looking to get into sports betting or add an extra element to the game? These College Football Shows are for you. Now on to the picks.

Love epic finishes? Week 4 had you covered

*UPDATED 10/4/15*

PS – If you don’t listen to the show and only check the blog, this episode is extremely condensed and shorter than usual. Give it a listen, you might learn something.

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Game Pick Result
Iowa  at Wisconsin (-7) Iowa (+7)  Iowa 10-6
West Virginia at Oklahoma (-7) Oklahoma (-7)  Oklahoma 44-24
Minnesota at Northwestern (-4) Northwestern (-4)  Northwestern 27-0
Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech (-4.5) Pittsburgh (+4.5)  Pittsburgh 17-13
Alabama at Georgia (-2.5) Georgia (-2.5)  Alabama 38-10
Air Force at Navy (-5.5) Navy (-5.5)  Navy 33-11
Kansas St  at Oklahoma St(-8) Kansas St (+8)  Oklahoma St. 36 -34
Ole Miss (-7.5) at Florida Florida (+7.5)  Florida 38-10
Mississippi St  at Texas A&M(-8) Miss. St (+8)  Texas A&M 30-17
Notre Dame (-1) at Clemson Clemson (+1)  Clemson  24-22
Texas at TCU (-15) TCU (-15)  TCU 50-7
Texas Tech  at Baylor (-17) Texas Tech (+17)  Baylor 63-35
Arkansas at Tennessee (-6.5) Tennessee (-6.5) Arkansas 24-20 
ECU (-5.5) at SMU SMU (+5.5)  ECU 49-23
FSU (-17) at Wake Forest Wake Forest (+17)  FSU 24-16
Miami (-6.5) at Cincinnati Miami (-6.5)  Cincinnati 34-23
Memphis (-8.5) at USF Memphis (-8.5)  Memphis 24-17
UCF at Tulane (N/A) Tulane  Tulane 45-31

13-5                                                                          61% In the Money

Overall 55-32

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