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Month: September 2015

The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 5 2015

I knew Week 3 had to be a fluke and the future only looks brighter with more highly anticipated match-ups on the horizon for week 5. Last week I finished 10-4 and was in the money for almost half my picks. Kudos to me.

This week I tackle 18 games: 10 of which are based on ESPN’s College Pick ‘Em, 4 games to take note of, and 4 that cover the State of Florida schools (UF included in this week’s Pick ’em games).

Looking to get into sports betting or add an extra element to the game? These College Football Shows are for you. Now on to the picks.

Love epic finishes? Week 4 had you covered

*UPDATED 10/4/15*

PS – If you don’t listen to the show and only check the blog, this episode is extremely condensed and shorter than usual. Give it a listen, you might learn something.

Big shout out and thank you to Libsyn for helping me with those precious extra MB’s to bring you this week’s episode. If you’re looking to start a podcast and need a hosting site, they’re the best in the business.

Game Pick Result
Iowa  at Wisconsin (-7) Iowa (+7)  Iowa 10-6
West Virginia at Oklahoma (-7) Oklahoma (-7)  Oklahoma 44-24
Minnesota at Northwestern (-4) Northwestern (-4)  Northwestern 27-0
Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech (-4.5) Pittsburgh (+4.5)  Pittsburgh 17-13
Alabama at Georgia (-2.5) Georgia (-2.5)  Alabama 38-10
Air Force at Navy (-5.5) Navy (-5.5)  Navy 33-11
Kansas St  at Oklahoma St(-8) Kansas St (+8)  Oklahoma St. 36 -34
Ole Miss (-7.5) at Florida Florida (+7.5)  Florida 38-10
Mississippi St  at Texas A&M(-8) Miss. St (+8)  Texas A&M 30-17
Notre Dame (-1) at Clemson Clemson (+1)  Clemson  24-22
Texas at TCU (-15) TCU (-15)  TCU 50-7
Texas Tech  at Baylor (-17) Texas Tech (+17)  Baylor 63-35
Arkansas at Tennessee (-6.5) Tennessee (-6.5) Arkansas 24-20 
ECU (-5.5) at SMU SMU (+5.5)  ECU 49-23
FSU (-17) at Wake Forest Wake Forest (+17)  FSU 24-16
Miami (-6.5) at Cincinnati Miami (-6.5)  Cincinnati 34-23
Memphis (-8.5) at USF Memphis (-8.5)  Memphis 24-17
UCF at Tulane (N/A) Tulane  Tulane 45-31

13-5                                                                          61% In the Money

Overall 55-32

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The Regular Usual Episode 008: A Jill of All Trades with Kara Adamo

What do you do when you want to write book but you’re working a full time job?
You start painting on the side, get a 2nd job, become a Sommelier, and start your own publishing company right?

This week’s guest breaks down how she started her own company and what led her to taking the reigns on her life. Changing career paths multiple times isn’t uncommon for most people but moving to Alaska for 6 months might be.

Want to know how it all played out? Tune in to find out

Learn to forgive yourself…no one is judging you more than you are – Kara Adamo

Episode Links:

The Model United Nations

The Court of Master Sommeliers

Kara’s Favorite Comedians: Patton Oswalt, Lewis Black, Jim Gaffigan, Louis CK

Stardust (The Movie) Stardust (The Book)

Book Recommendations:

The Blueprint of Creation – Jason O’Hara

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking – Malcolm Gladwell

Fancy Grape Juice – Kara Adamo

Up your wine knowledge and impress someone

Up your wine knowledge and impress someone


Learn more about The Crayon Initiative and Donate.

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The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 4 2015

Blood pressure in check and fingers crossed for the future. After the upsets and thrilling finishes last week, I’m hankering for another exciting week of College Football. Going 7-9 last week was a fluke…I hope. Diving into Week 4 with a new set of picks for you listeners and fellow College Football junkies.

Scroll down for this week’s picks.

*UF/Tennessee line updated 9/24*

**UPDATED 9/28**

PS – Stay out of Leonard Fournette’s way

Game Pick Result
BYU at Michigan (-5.5) BYU (+5.5) Michigan 31-0 
Georgia Tech (-8.5) at Duke GT (-8.5)  Duke 34-20
Northern Illinois at Boston College (-4) BC (-4)  Boston College 17-14
Oklahoma St (-3) at Texas Texas (+3)  Oklahoma St 30-27
Tennessee (-1) at UF Tenn (-1) Florida 28-27 
TCU (-7) at Texas Tech TCU (-7)  TCU 55-52
Mississippi  St at Auburn


Miss St (+2) Mississippi St 17-9 
UCLA (-4) at Arizona Arizona (+4)  UCLA 56-30
Utah at Oregon (-13.5) Utah (+13.5)  Utah 62-20
USC (-5.5) at Arizona St USC (-5.5)  USC 42-14
LSU (-24) at Syracuse Syracuse (+24)  LSU 34- 24
Texas A&M (-7) at Arkansas TAMU (-7)  Texas A&M 28-21
Virginia Tech (-8) at East Carolina VT (-8)  East Carolina 35-28
UCF at South Carolina


SCAR (-14.5)  South Carolina 31-14

10-4 (I’ll take it)                                                             43% In the Money

Overall: 42-27

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The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 3 2015

I’m back for Week 3 of the College Football Show, where I give you listeners and blog readers my picks for the upcoming week’s action. If you’re into sports betting, this could be your cup of tea. However I’d fault you for taking the advice from a complete amateur and professional couch coach who’s never played football past his junior year of high school. Scroll down and check my picks fam.

*As you may notice, I removed the ‘Pick Covers Spread’ column, but you gotta listen to the episode to find out why*

**UPDATED 9/20**

The Picks:

Game Pick Spread Result
Illinois at UNC Illinois Illinois +10  UNC 48-14
Northwestern at Duke Duke Duke -3.5  Northwestern 19-10
Georgia Tech at Notre Dame Georgia Tech Georgia Tech -2.5  Notre Dame 30-22
Auburn at LSU LSU LSU -7.5  LSU 45-21
Nebraska at Miami Miami Miami -3  Miami 36-33
California at Texas Texas Texas +6.5  California 45-44
Pittsburgh at Iowa Pittsburgh Iowa -5.5  Iowa 27-24
Stanford at USC USC USC -10  Stanford 41-31
Ole Miss at Alabama Ole Miss Ole Miss +6  Ole Miss 43-37
Clemson at Louisville Clemson Clemson -7 Clemson 20-17 
S.Carolina at UGA UGA UGA -17  Georgia 52-20
USF at Maryland Maryland USF +7  Maryland 35-17
Furman at UCF UCF N/A  Furman 16-15
UF at Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky +3  UF 14-9
FSU at Boston College FSU FSU -7.5  FSU 14-0

7-9  (Gross…)                            44% Correct / In the Money

Overall: 32-23

ESPN College Football Pick’Em Compete against me – Group Name: The Regular Usual Podcast

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The Regular Usual Podcast Episode 007: Weeding Through Life with Jeremy Marr

This week’s guest walks us through his journey from selling medical devices to selling marijuana…legally. We discus how the ins and outs of a typical day, the requirements necessary to sell cannabis, and how lucrative the industry has become.

 If you don’t jump on opportunities, luck never shows up – Jeremy Marr

Episode Links:

Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Occupational Licensing

High Profits CNN Documentary


Michael Phelps + Marijuana =

Los Gummies Hermanos

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The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 2 2015

Back again with another College Football Show that includes overreactions, impressions, and of course picks for this week’s games. No more messing around looking for upsets, this week comes from the gut.

The Picks:

*UPDATED 9/14/15*

Game Pick Spread Pick Covers Spread Result
Oregon State at Michigan Michigan Michigan -15.5 No Michigan 35-7
Army at UConn UConn UConn -7.5 No UConn 22-17
Minnesota at Colorado State Minnesota Minnesota -6 Yes Minnesota 23-20
Washington State at Rutgers Rutgers Rutgers -2 Yes Washington State 37-24
Notre Dame at Virginia Notre Dame Notre Dame -12.5 Yes Notre Dame 34-27
Iowa at Iowa State Iowa State Iowa State +2 Yes Iowa 31-17
Oklahoma at Tennessee Tennessee EVEN N/A Oklahoma 31-24
Oregon at Michigan State Oregon Oregon +3.5 Yes Michigan State 31-28
LSU at Mississippi St. Mississippi St. Mississippi +4.5 Yes LSU 21-19
Boise State at BYU Boise State Boise State -3 Yes BYU 35-24
Hawaii at Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State -40 Yes Ohio State 38-0
Kentucky at South Carolina Kentucky Kentucky +7 No Kentucky 26-22
Miami at FAU Miami Miami  -17.5 Yes Miami 44-20
USF at FSU FSU FSU -28 No FSU 34-14
East Carolina at UF UF UF -20.5 Yes UF 31-24
UCF at Stanford Stanford Stanford -19 No Stanford 31-7

10-6 w/ 3 picks ATS       62% Correct Picks      18% in the Money

Overall: 25-14

*Results will be posted Sunday afternoon

ESPN College Football Pick’Em Compete against me – Group Name: The Regular Usual Podcast


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The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 1 2015

If you couldn’t tell from the title, this week’s episode has nothing to do with successful career paths (unless you’re a potential gambler/sports bettor). After slacking last week I’m back with a new series I’ll be putting out each week to honor and salute the glorious sport known as College Football. If you enjoy sports this is for you, if you don’t, tune in next week when I get back to the bread and butter.

This weeks picks:

*UPDATED 9/8/15*




Pick Covers Spread


Stanford vs. Northwestern Stanford Northwestern + 12 Yes Northwestern 16-6
Richmond vs. Maryland Maryland N/A Yes Maryland 50-21
Louisville vs. Auburn Louisville Louisville +10.5 Yes Auburn 31-24
Virginia vs. UCLA UCLA Virginia +19.5 No UCLA 34 -16
Penn State vs. Temple Penn State Temple +7 Yes Temple 27-10
BYU vs. Nebraska BYU BYU +7 Yes BYU 33-28
Arizona State vs. Texas A&M Arizona State Arizona State +3.5 Yes Texas A&M 38-17
Texas vs. Notre Dame Texas Texas +9.5 Yes Notre Dame 38-3
Wisconsin vs. Alabama Alabama Wisconsin +10.5 No Alabaman 35-17
N. Iowa vs. Iowa State Iowa State N/A Yes Iowa State 31-7
UNC vs. USC UNC UNC +2.5 Yes USC 17 -13
Michigan vs. Utah Utah Michigan +4.5 Yes Utah 24-17
TCU vs. Minnesota TCU Minnesota +17 Yes TC U 23-17
Arizona vs. Texas San Antonio Arizona Arizona -31.5 No Arizona 42-32
Washington vs. Boise State Washington Washington +12 Yes Boise State 16-13
Michigan State vs. W. Michigan Michigan State W. Michigan +17 Yes Michigan St. 37-24
Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech Ohio State Virginia Tech +11 No Ohio State 42-24
Baylor vs. SMU Baylor SMU +36 No Baylor 56-21
Miami vs. Bethune Cookman Miami N/A Yes Miami 45-0
Florida vs. New Mexico State Florida Florida -37 No Florida 61-13
South Florida vs. FAMU South Florida N/A Yes South Florida 51-3
Florida State vs. Texas State Florida State Texas State +28.5 No Florida State 59-16
UCF vs. FIU UCF FIU +13.5 Yes FIU 15-14

15-8 w/ 10 picks against the spread

65% Correct Picks             43% in the Money

Overall: 15-8

ESPN College Football Pick’Em Compete against me – Group Name: The Regular Usual Podcast


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