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The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 4 2016

I wanna take all the credit but I gotta give it up to Svedka for guide my decisions last week.

Fueled by vodka, I finally had a “winning” week on picks going 3-2.

If it wasn’t for a foolish 3 team NFL parlay (Dammit Dolphins), money wouldn’t be too bad heading into Week 4. (Collective $8.49 lost)

That being said, I’m giving you 6 games this week while drinking ‘The Winner’s Cocktail’.

The climb back to .500 continues.

Game Pick Result
#8 Clemson (-10) at Georgia Tech Clemson -10  Clemson 26 – 7
USC at #24 Utah (-3) USC +3  Utah 31 – 27
#12 Georgia at #23 Ole Miss (-7) Ole Miss -7 Ole Miss 45 – 14  
#11 Wisconsin at #8 Michigan St (-6) Michigan St -6  Wisconsin 30 – 6
#19 Florida at #14 Tennessee (-7) Florida +7
#17 Arkansas vs #10 Texas A&M (-6) Texas A&M -6

Other Bets Placed:

Event Risk Win Outcome
FSU -7 vs USF $1.51 $1.51 FSU 55 – 35
2 Team Parlay:

Clemson vs Georgia Tech +10 & OVER 58

$5.00 $12.85 Clemson 26 – 7


Clemson vs Georgia Teach OVER 40.5 $1.00 $1.30 Clemson 26 – 7


Texans vs Patriots UNDER 27.5 $1.00 $0.83 Patriots 27 – 0
Louisville vs Marshall OVER 74 $5.00 $4.35  
USC vs Utah -3 $2.07 $1.88 Utah 31 – 27

The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 3 2016

I got waxed last week.

*UPDATED 9/20/16*

Going 1-4 in any activity is never good, especially when you’re money is on the line. (Collective $11.57 lost)

So far my side hustle/venture revolving around the world of sports betting has been highly unsuccessful and may come to end soon…

UNLESS your boy goes 5-0 this week and hedges his poor wagers properly. I’m feeling it.

Making picks while drinking wine led to my undoing in for the first to weeks of the College Football season, but not this time.

I went with vodka (Svedka Cucumber Lime) and the courage was STRONG. Let’s get it.

Game Pick Result
#6 Houston (-8) at Cincinnati Houston -8 Houston 40 – 16
#2 FSU (-3) at #10 Louisville FSU -3  Louisville 62 – 20 (yikes)
#1 Alabama (-10) at #19 Ole Miss Alabama -10  Alabama 48 – 43
#12 Michigan St at #18 Notre Dame (-7.5) Michigan St +7.5  Michigan St 36 – 28
#3 Ohio St (-3) at #14 Oklahoma Ohio St -3  Ohio St 45 – 24

Other Bets Placed:

Event Risk Win Outcome
4 Team Parlay:

Houston -8 vs Cincinnati

Bama -10 vs Ole Miss

Mich St +8 vs Notre Dame

Ohio St -3 vs Oklahoma

$5.00 $60.43 Houston 40 – 16

Alabama 48 – 43

Michigan St 36 – 28

Ohio St 45 – 24


Miami -3 vs App St $1.00 $0.77 Miami 45 -10
Michigan -20 vs Colorado $1.00 $0.87 Michigan 45 – 28
E. Carolina +4 vs S. Carolina $1.00 $0.83 S. Carolina 20 – 15


Houston vs Cincinnati

Over 64

$1.00 $0.87 Houston 40 – 16


Rice +35 vs Baylor $1.00 $0.83 Baylor 38 – 10
FSU vs Louisville

Over 76.5

$1.00 $0.95 Louisville 63 – 20


FSU +21.5 vs Louisville $1.00 $0.83 Louisville 63 – 20
Oregon -3 (2nd Half) vs Nebraska $1.50 $1.50 Nebraska 35 – 32


3 Team Parlay:

Dolphins +6 vs Patriots

Titans +6 vs Lions

Cardinals -7 vs Bucs

$5.00 $30.58 Patriots 31 – 24

Titans 16-15

Cardinals 40 – 27


Vikings +3 vs Packers $0.88 $0.63 Vikings 17-14

Starting Week 3 Balance: $40.00

End of Week 3: $31.51

Best Bet: Miami -3 vs App St / Ohio St -3 vs Oklahoma

Worst Bet:  Doubting Louisville OR Putting $$$ on the Dolphins


The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 2 2016

Talk about starting off the 2016 season with a bang!

*UPDATED 9/12/16*

Last weekend was hands-down, the best opening weekend for any sport in my 27 years.

If you’re like me, your eyes were burning come Monday morning from watching games, recaps, breakdowns, etc…Yet still pumped for a final game Monday night.

However, this weekend is a complete 180 from last with hardly any marquee games on deck.

Can’t lie I struggled to find 5 games to breakdown and place my bets on.

Speaking of bets, last week your boy went 3-6 and lost $8.43. THIS IS WHY I BET CHEAP. It’s a long season and if I continue to have shitty picks, my bankroll will diminish before October.

Onward to Week 2.

copy-of-screenshot_20160907-235155 copy-of-screenshot_20160907-235233copy-of-screenshot_20160907-235221

Game Pick Result
#13 Louisville (-14.5) at Syracuse Syracuse +14.5 Louisville 62-28 
UCF at #5 Michigan (-35.5) Michigan -35.5 Michigan 51-14
Penn St at Pittsburgh (-6) Pittsburgh -6 Pittsburgh 42-39
Kentucky at UF (-17) Kentucky +17  Florida 45-7
Virginia Tech vs #17 Tennessee (-11.5) VT +11.5  Tennessee 45-24

Other bets placed:

Event Risk Win Outcome
2 Team Parlay:

Rice +9 vs Army &

Wyoming +26 vs Nebraska

$5.00 $13.22 Army 31 – 14

Nebraska  52 – 17


UCF vs Michigan:

Over 53.5

$5.00 $4.35 Michigan 51 – 14
2 Team Parlay:

FAU vs Miami – Over 63

S. Carolina vs Miss. St – Under 48

$5.00 $12.85 Miami 38 – 10

Miss. St 27 – 14


UFC  5 Team Parlay:

Eye vs Correia

Andrade vs Calderwood

Rivera vs Faber

Gall vs Punk

Werdum vs Browne

$5.00 $37.44 Correia





VT +700 (Moneyline) vs Tennessee $1.00 $7.00 Tennessee 45-24
Virginia +24.5 vs Oregon $1.23 $1.07 Oregon 44 – 26


Patriots vs Cardinals – Under 47.5 $1.30 $1.08 Patriots 23 – 21


Patriots +105 (Moneyline) vs Cardinals $1.00 $1.05 Patriots 23 – 21


Patriots 1st half points –

Over 13.5

$2.00 $1.29 10 1st half points
Steelers vs Redskins – Under 49.5 $1.45 $1.26  Steelers 38-16

Starting Week 2 Balance: $ 51.57

End of Week 2: $40.00

Best Bet: UCF vs Michigan – Over 53.5

Worst Bet: …(see above)… Kentucky+17 OR Rice/Wyoming Parlay

The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 1 2016

It’s been a long 9 months family and I know you’re as hyped as I am for The Return of our beloved Saturday pastime.

College football starts back up tomorrow night (9/1) and this year I’m taking it up a notch by putting my money where my mouth is.

Even if I’m making painfully cheap bets

Each week I’ll be posting my bet slips so you’ll be able to see the money I put down, along with the possible winnings.

I can’t lie, Week 1 is the hardest to predict because almost every team is rusty from the off-season and last year’s results can’t predict the future.

*UPDATED 9/6/16*

Most week’s I wont have this many games to speak on but with so many solid matchups, I can’t help myself.

Screenshot 2016-08-30 23.03.13 Screenshot 2016-08-30 23.03.37 Screenshot 2016-08-30 23.04.06 Screenshot 2016-08-30 23.04.17

Game Pick Result
Appalachian St at #9 Tennessee (-21) App. St  +21  Tennessee 20-13
#3 Oklahoma (-11.5) at #15 Houston Houston +12  Houston 33-23
#16 UCLA at Texas A&M (-3) UCLA +3  Texas A&M 31-24
#5 LSU (-10.5) vs Wisconsin LSU -10  Wisconsin 16-14
#18 Georgia (-3) vs #22 UNC UNC +3  Georgia 33-24
#20 USC vs #1 Alabama (-12) USC +12  Alabama 52-6
#2 Clemson (-8) at Auburn Clemson -8  Clemson 19-13
#10 Notre Dame (-4) at Texas Notre Dame -4  Texas 50-47
#11 Ole Miss vs #4 FSU (-4.5) FSU -4  FSU 45-34

Starting Bovada Balance: $60

End of Week 1 : $51.57 (-8.43)

Best Bet: Houston +12

Worst Bet : $5 parlay on the Over for USC/Bama + UCLA/Texas A&M and generally doubting Bama

Overall Record: 3 – 6

The Regular Usual Episode 015: Solo Dolo I (Audio+)

Uh, it’s been a minute to say the least.

But fret not young listeners, you’re about to enjoy a verbal ear beating that details what’s been going on in my world since the last podcast.

Topics range from home remodeling updates, experimental ideas, masturbation and pooping in public.

Can’t lie, I was a little rough around the edges after so much time off but I’ll let you make your own assessments.

The makings of a new kitchen

The makings of a new kitchen

Topical links:

Eating Crickets for under $10

Casey Neistat’s Vlog

The Ketogenic Diet & more…

Minimalist Weight Training

The NOBNOM Challenge

Mark Sisson on the Joe Rogan Experience

Daily Grind Crossfit (Groupon Link)

Tough Crowd

Just in case the Biebs isn’t for you…

Send me your comments, concerns, or ideas via Facebook, Twitter, or

The Regular Usual Episode 014: Robert Higginbotham

(Inhales deeply)

It’s good to be back family. After 3 moves, living without a kitchen, and the struggle to stay warm, I’m finally back to podcasting.

This week’s guest and I go way back (almost 20 years) and while neither of us would say we were tight while growing up it was a pleasure to get an insight to who he really is.

Besides being an all around great guy, Robert is someone who is willing to put in the work to change his life for the better. Whether it’s grinding through course work that most people struggle with or losing over 100 lbs, Robert’s done it with a smile on his face and envy worthy self discipline.

I wasn't lying when I said 100 lbs

I wasn’t lying when I said 100 lbs

Episode Links:

UCF’s Road Map to Computer Engineering
How to Read Music
Types of Coding and Their Applications
Microsoft Coding Courses
Future Crimes: Everything is Connnected, Everyone is Vulnerable and What We Can Do About It  by Marc Goodman
Couch to 5K
TOR Network

Robert’s Favorites:
Netflix – Dexter, Orange is The New Black, House of Cards, Arrow, The Flash
Books – Books by Ben Carson, Game of Thrones
Websites – BleacherReport, ESPN

I also get Robert’s thoughts on:
Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, and the future of Artificial Intelligence

*Don’t forget to cheer Robert on as he embarks on his 1st half marathon.

Connect with Robert on Facebook and Twitter

Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or email me:

The Regular Usual Episode 013: Six Month Recap

Here’s a quick sub 30 minute podcast on things I’ve learned from over the last 6 months of starting this project.

To those of you who’d rather read than listen to me stumble over my words, I touch on:

  • Becoming a homeowner
  • Improvements for future episodes
  • My documentary idea
  • Upcoming plans
  • Listener suggestions

Thought this was dope


If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuseJason Ferrugia

Focusing on the details is the easiest way to get nothing doneRamit Sethi

Episodes mentioned with the best feedback & highest downloads include interviews with:

For more talk on process of purchasing a home click here.

I also continually refer to the New Year, New Me is Bullshit article I wrote on 12/31/15.

Finally, if you’re enjoying any lesser known musical artists who you believe deserve more exposure OR if you want another platform to share your content, contact me at any of the following:

Twitter, Facebook, or email –

New Year, New Me is Bullsh*t

Read Time ~ 7 minutes
Word Count – 1280

Courage is strength in face of pain or grief, what’s harder than being honest with ourselves?

I hate New Year resolutions. I’m scared to fail.

Typical resolutions involve losing weight, quitting a vice, or making promises you won’t keep. I’ve failed each of the 3 I just mentioned.

In the past I’ve told myself “at the end of 20____  I will finally see my abs.” “In 20____ I will stop watching porn.” “The year of 20___ will be the end of flaking on people.” “This will be the year I start my own business.”

I can’t tell you how long I actually stuck with each of these but:  I still can’t see my abs, I didn’t last more than 2 weeks without using the Incognito tab, I just flaked on someone last week, and I’m not generating my own income.

If you’ve ever attempted and bailed on a resolution, I can relate. The key is finding the smallest achievable ‘win’ to keep momentum.

A quote I heard not too long ago but is often echoed by James Altucher “be 1% better each day”, it’s hard to fail when you set the bar low, but how do you gauge what a 1% improvement is given your current state in life?

Continue reading

The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 14 2015

This is it people, the final week of games before bowl season starts and 6 weeks till you’re left wondering “Where has all the football gone?”.

*UPDATED 12/7/15*

#RivalryWeek did not disappoint, unless you’re Gator fan (that one stung).Screenshot 2015-12-02 10.12.51

For Week 14, I had fan favorite Patrick McLymont (4-7) back on trying to finish the year with a winning record.

We break down & pick 6 games for weekend, talk about past performances, and discuss the coaching carousel.

Regardless after Saturday’s games, the CFP Playoff will be locked in, bowl game matchups will be set, and the newest Heisman will be named. So enjoy it while it lasts fam.

Another week, another highlight video courtesy of CNtaco. Check out more of the CNtaco’s work on YouTube.

Game Pick Result
Texas at Baylor (-21) Baylor -21  Texas 23-17
Temple at Houston (-7) Temple +7  Houston 24-13
USC at Stanford (-5) USC +5  Stanford 41-22
Michigan St (-4) vs Iowa Iowa +4  Michigan St 16-13
UNC vs Clemson (-5) UNC +5 Clemson 45-37 
UF vs Alabama (-17) UF +17  Alabama 29-15

Pat’s Picks:
Baylor -21
Houston -7
USC +5
Michigan St -4
UNC +5
UF +17

The Regular Usual: College Football Show – Week 13 2015

Rivalry week. Where even if your season is a wash, a victory over your rival and spoiling their success tastes just as sweet…or you get crushed and watch your coach get the ax.

***UPDATED 11/29***

Last week I had a solid performance at 10-6 which puts me right under 60% for the year and this week I cross that line.

This week I’m joined by longtime friend Wes Crockett and we break down 7 games for Thanksgiving weekend, talk coaching vacancies, and playoff expansion.

Another week, another highlight video courtesy of CNtaco. Check out more of the CNtaco’s work on YouTube.


Game Pick Result
Ohio St at Michigan (EVEN) Michigan  Ohio St 42-13
BYU (-3) at Utah St BYU -3  BYU 51-28
Penn St at Michigan St (-11) Michigan St -11 Michigan St 55-16
Alabama (-15) at Auburn Alabama -15  Alabama 29-13
UCLA at USC (-4) USC -4  USC 40-21
Ole Miss (-1) at Mississippi St Miss St +1  Ole Miss 38-27
FSU (-3) at UF FSU -3  FSU 27-2
Notre Dame at Stanford (-4) Notre Dame +4 Stanford 38-36 
Texas A&M at LSU (-6) Texas A&M +6  LSU 19-7
Oklahoma (-7) at Oklahoma St Ok St +7 & -58  Oklahoma 58-23
Baylor (-2) at TCU Baylor -2  TCU 28-21
Miami at Pittsburgh (-6) Miami +6  Miami 29-24
USF at UCF (no line) USF  USF 44-3

8-5 or 61% ya dig? Which brings my Overall above that 60% line I mentioned at the top. Dang I’m dope.

Overall: 124-79

Wes’s Picks: 5-2
Baylor -2
Ohio St
Notre Dame +4
Oklahoma -7 & +58
Alabama -15
Ole Miss -1
UF +3

The article Wes mentioned regarding Devon Gales.

Donate to the Devon Gales Fund.

Follow Wes on his personal Twitter and his work account SWAC Compliance

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